Negative Ion Wristbands

523008.TIFTitan Energiser products may help, if you are not bringing enough negative ions into your body to create a proper balance.

The composition of Titan Ion Energiser products attracts negative ions to your body. Depending on your ionic balance, they may offer relief – we are all different. Titan Ion Energiser technology is not medicine (like aspirin) but could be compared more to vitamins. Negative Ions are sometimes referred to as “Vitamins of the Air”.

Titan Minus Ion Products are used as energy boosters by many world class and leisure athletes and also by individuals. The composition of our TITAN MINUS ION Wrist Band, manufactured in Japan is made of a specially processed soft silicone rubber, titanium, tourmaline and ceramic mixture.

It is these characteristics which attract Negative Ions to your body to help achieve enhanced ion balance. Many published studies in respected journals have concluded that Negative Ions may have a profoundly beneficial effect on both the mind and body. It is believed that not enough Negative Ions may be the reason that some people experience stress, nervousness and discomfort.

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